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  • Base Terms & Conditions
    Unless otherwise pre-discussed in the agreement, I will retain rights to claim images as my work on social media etc., and may display commissions on my websites or social media accounts with credit to the commissioner. The commissions are NOT to be reproduced by the commissioner for monetary purposes, unless the contract contains a commercial licensing agreement. This will incur an additional fee depending on the scope of the licensing, . However, commissions are OK to use as cosmetic, non-profit decorations for individuals/small businesses (i.e. youtube/twitch banners, etc) without an additional licensing fee as long as I am credited. I will not reproduce commissions for monetary purposes unless I have consent from the commissioner. This commission is for digital work only, and the product that is sent to the commissioner is a digital file, and not a physical print.
  • Subject Topic
    I will do my best to respond to a client's needs, but I am not comfortable drawing the following subject topics as the main focus: ​ X rated / NSFW Furries with heavily animal characteristics Heavy Mechas/robotics Horror/gore ​​ Additionally. I retain the right to turn down any commission request if I am not comfortable with the subject topic.
  • Payment
    Payment will be done through invoices on Paypal or Square for credit cards. ​ Unless a separate payment method has been agreed upon pre-emptively, a 50% non-refundable payment is required up front. The remaining 50% will be required after the rough draft stage. ​ Please note the commission will not start until the first payment is received, and the commission will not continue beyond the rough draft stage until the remaining 50% is paid. ​ No refunds will be accepted once the commission is completed, whether or not the client chooses to receive the finalized illustration.
  • Commission Process
    The process of the commission will be as follows: ​ ​ Discuss the details of the commission & finalize pricing 50% of the pricing will be requested prior to work being done I will work through several rough drafts, of which the client can choose the one to move forward with. Any major changes must be requested at this stage. Remaining 50% of the pricing will be requested prior to the work continuing. I will provide you with a smaller resolution image of the commission. Small changes may be made at this stage. Once additional changes have been completed, a full resolution image of the commissioned work will be sent to the client. ​​ Please note that any major changes (character placement, colors, posing, etc) requested after the rough draft will incur an additional fee.
  • Discounts
    In some cases, I may find a commissioned piece to be a good fit in my product line-up. In such a scenario, I may offer a 50% discount for the commission at the time of agreement in return for rights to reproduce and sell the artwork as prints or merchandise online and at conventions. ​This is entirely optional and the commissioner can turn the offer down, and I will not reproduce the artwork for monetary purposes. Again, this is on a case-by-case basis and will be offered when I deem it appropriate.
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